About the AFSP (French Association of Political Science)

Founded in 1949, the French Association of political science encourages French research in political science by promoting exchanges between political scientists from all fields of inquiry, as well as, contact between academics (professors and researchers...) and those persons concerned with political analysis: political actors and decision makers, journalists, members of civil society.

The AFSP defends an open conception of political science, favouring no approach, no school, and no specific notion of politics. Rather, it is a meeting place of scientific debate open to free discussion. With this in mind, the AFSP facilitates relationships between political scientists and members of other disciplines: economists, sociologists, historians, anthropologists, jurists...

The AFSP also contributes to opening up French political science to international scientific currents. A founding member of the AISP/IPSA, the AFSP encourages French specialists to integrate international networks and to present their work there. This goal is fostered by collaboration with the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) and the European thematic network in political science.

The principal activity of the association is the organisation of scientific encounters. Since its creation, it has organised almost 200 round tables, conferences and colloquium on subjects that cover the entire range of subfields in political science: political sociology (electoral analysis, political parties, the study of mobilisation), political thought, international relations and regional studies, administrative studies and public policy, European studies, political methodology.

Every three years, the AFSP Congress brings together several hundred French and foreign political scientists. This conference represents a high spot for the discipline. During the Congress, a certain number of round tables are organised that allow to take stock of the situation in a subfield or go into specific themes in depth, as well as numerous workshops which are the occasion to tackle more specific questions.

Several workgroups function on a more permanent basis and constitute places of interaction important for specialists in given subfields: electoral analysis, local studies, European questions, research on political activists, public policy....

Goals of the AFSP

The association encourages the participation of young people. The activities of the AFSP (Congress, colloquium, work group meetings) must be the occasion for doctoral candidates, young researchers or professors, to present their work and to integrate themselves into the different professional communities in political science. The AFSP equally wants to promote the presence of women in the different activities proposed and in positions of authority in the organisation of scientific gatherings.

Additionally, the activities of the AFSP should, as much as possible, be the occasion to reinforce the national and international presence of political scientists working in regions.

Finally, one of the raisons d’etre of the Association is to encourage the diffusion of academic research in society. Accomplishing this goal occurs by expanding the activities of the AFSP to people from communities outside of the academic community: political, administration, associative organisations or unions...

More generally, if the principal vocation of the French Association for Political Science is not the defence of professional interests of political scientists, it does nonetheless offer its support to organizations who represent the professional interests of political scientists , notably the Association of Professors and Researchers in Political Science (AECSP).

Becoming a member

By adhering to the AFSP, you offer your support to the development of French political science. You can participate in the activities of the working groups of the Association and be informed personally and directly of their activities. As well, membership in the AFSP permits you to benefit from a 30% reduction on the subscription to the Revue Francaise de Science Politique. Lastly, the AFSP will soon be putting together an electronic directory of French political scientists. Membership in the association will allow you to figure in this directory.

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